Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of rock do you use to make your statuary figures?

We use several kinds of rock to make our figures. 

Granite is a somewhat soft rock that has a grainy texture and often looks like it has freckles.  The colors are usually "earthy".  It can have interesting small depressions that add character to the pieces. 

Quartzite is hard and very smooth.  It has a wide variety of colors, ranging from peach or red to green, purple, or blue. 

"Pancake stone" is harder to find.  It is also very smooth, but instead of having spherical shapes it is flat.  It is usually dark reddish brown or black in color.


How do you decide whether to apply the high gloss glaze finish to the rocks or to leave them natural?

When we begin selecting individual stones for any piece, we spray the stones with water.  This shows us what the color will be when glazed.  We can then decide whether it will be more appropriate as a natural stone or whether it will be more attractive with its color enhanced by the glaze finish.  See Rockin' Frog photographs for examples of rocks and finishes.

How much do your pieces weigh?

The pieces vary in weight depending upon their size.  For example, a small rabbit or a small dog will weigh about 5 pounds, a medium rabbit or other animal about 10 to 12 pounds, while a large turtle or very large frog might weigh as much as 25 pounds.


All figures and designs are filed with the United States Congress and are protected by Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Law